April showers bring……… lots of fun things to enjoy in The Delmar Loop.

On Saturday, April 4 our own Zack Smithey will wind down his Easter Art Hunt by hiding 300 pieces of free art throughout The Delmar Loop.  Zack is an amazing St. Louis artist with a social purpose – he wants to make art available to everyone and bring St. Louis together, so he dreamed up and self-funded a 7 day, 1000 piece of art give away.  His work ranges from Mark Twains, Lincolns, and Baseball Players to abstracts forming the Materialization of Sound Series.  Look for clues that might lead you to Serendipity Gallery!  Stop by Cicero’s from 4 to 6 to get your found artwork signed and meet Zack.

Easter Art Hunt, Zack Smithey, Delmar Loop, Art, Rose Hagan, Glass

Mark Twain 2 – by Zack Smithey



Zack Smithey, Easter Art Hunt, Paintings, Art, Serendipity Gallery, The Delmar Loop

On Friday, April 10, owner Rose Hagan will be in the gallery from 6 to 9 pm showcasing her Fused Glass Sculptures.  Rose is a talented glass artist and has been expanding her glass collection which now includes plates, bowls, jewelry and sculptures.

Rose Hagan, RosaModerna, Delmar Loop, Serendipity Gallery, glass

Rose Hagan – Glass Sculpture




Rose Hagan, RosaModerna, fused glass, Delmar Loop, The Loop

Fused Glass Sconce by RosaModerna

The Delmar Loop is an amazing place filled with diverse people – college students, professionals, teenagers, families, visitors, and residents of all ages.  It is also home to a variety of locally owned shops, venues and restaurants.  We encourage you to take a stroll through The Loop and see for yourself.  Our door is open after a long winter and we look forward to introducing you to some great local artists and recommending other places to shop, eat and play!

Serendipity Gallery, The Delmar Loop, Delmar Loop, Art, Gallery

Welcome to Serendipity Gallery

See you soon!


It’s a gorgeous, sunny Saturday in St. Louis and the Delmar Loop is alive with pedestrians once again!  I love this time of year when winter is slowly but surely making way for the flowers of Spring.

We will be celebrating the first day of Spring – which falls on Friday, March 20 – with a Spring Artist Reception.  You’ll have an opportunity to meet and mingle with a few of our current local artists including Tricia Coyle (photographer and photographic jewelry), Karen Ann Jones (painter), Chris McCarthy (of Park Avenue Glass Studio), Jeane Vogel (photographer), Barbara Rand (silver jeweler), Bev Baker (funky and fun jewelry), Liz Krinsky (pop jewelry artist) and David Dobbs (wood artist).  We are very excited to share their wonderful work with all of you!  Wine Reception starts at 6 pm.

I’ve also finally updated our Events calendar – there is a lot to look forward to over the next several months.  We hope to see you at the Gallery soon!


Liz Krinsky, Jeane Vogel, David Dobbs, Bev Baker

Liz Krinsky, Jeane Vogel, David Dobbs, Bev Baker

Tricia Coyle, Karen Ann Jones, Chris McCarthy, Park Avenue Glass Studio, Barb Rand

Tricia Coyle, Karen Ann Jones, Chris McCarthy, Barb Rand

Serendipity Gallery is very excited to host a wine reception for St. Louis artist Ted Stahl.  Ted’s work features boldly conceived, multi-layered computer generated images printed on metal and ready for hanging.  The depth of color and intricacy of each piece truly must be seen in person.

Friday, July 24

6:00 to 9:00 pm

"The Turmoil of Reason" by Ted Stahl

“The Turmoil of Reason” by Ted Stahl

art gallery, Serendipity Gallery, Delmar Loop, Loop, Love In the Loop

Love In The Loop Serendipity Gallery Style

Happy Valentine’s Day St. Louis!  The Delmar Loop is celebrating this weekend with “Love In The Loop” featuring dining, drinking and shopping specials now through the weekend!

Serendipity Gallery and Miss M’s Candy Boutique are offering a sweet deal to their customers – Your receipt from Serendipity Gallery will entitle you to 10% off your same day purchase at Miss M’s Candy Boutique AND your receipt from Miss M’s Candy Boutique will entitle you to 10% off your same day purchase at Serendipity Gallery [Offer expires February 15, 2015].


Serendipity Gallery has a variety of unique handmade gifts by local and regional artists that will thrill your Valentine including



photography, hand-tinting, roses, Delmar Loop, Loop, Love In The Loop This Hand Tinted Red Rose Print by St. Louis Photographer Neil R. Brown

and these sweet hearts for your Sweetheart by St. Louis Jeweler  Barbara Rand, Kansas City Ceramic Artist Cathy Broski and Owner/Glass Artist Rose Hagan.

Jewelry, Hearts, Valentines, Ceramics, Fused Glass, Barbara Rand, Cathy Broski, Rose Hagan

Sweet hearts by Barbara Rand, Cathy Broski and Rose Hagan



This is the time of year I love – when we connect with new artists and introduce them to a wider St. Louis audience.

We are very excited to welcome our first two new artists of the year to Serendipity Gallery:

TIM BOLT is a St. Louis native whose watercolors of iconic St. Louis landmarks will bring a smile to your face as well as trigger memories of summer days in St. Louis!  Ted Drewes anyone?

watercolor, St. Louis, Timothy Bolt, Tim Bolt, Delmar Loop, Loop, St. Louis Landmarks

Art Museum by Tim Bolt



Watercolor, Tim Bolt, Ted Drewes, St. Louis landmarks, Delmar Loop, Delmar, Loop, art

Ted Drewes by Tim Bolt


KAREN ANN JONES is a talented artist living in the Warehouse District downtown.  Karen’s drawings of iconic female singers Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday will leave you humming your favorite song.  Karen’s talented renditions of these great ladies needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate her eye for detail.

Ella Fitzgerald, Karen Ann Jones, Drawing, Chalk, Delmar Loop, Loop

Ella Fitzgerald by Karen Ann Jones







Billie Holiday, Karen Ann Jones, Drawing, Sketch, Chalk, Delmar Loop, Delmar

Billie Holiday by Karen Ann Jones


We look forward to seeing you in the gallery!