Laura Elizabeth Mullen

Laura Elizabeth Mullen was raised in Foxboro, Massachusetts. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and obtained her Master of Fine Arts Degree at The University of Georgia. She just finished a residency as the Metals Artist-in-Residence at Craft Alliance in St. Louis, Missouri and now is the current Artist-in-Residence at Six Mile Sculpture Works in Granite City, Illinois.  She serves as faculty at St. Louis Community College Meramec Campus as well as Craft Alliance.  Her work is sharp and innovative; combining metalsmithing techniques with material exploration to create a vast portfolio of work which comments on contemporary society as well as personal psyche. Pieces in her current body of work employ richness of detail to evoke desire and contemplation about viewer interaction, scale, material value, mechanism functions, the perception of decoration and the idea of handmade verses machine made.

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