This is the time of year I love – when we connect with new artists and introduce them to a wider St. Louis audience.

We are very excited to welcome our first two new artists of the year to Serendipity Gallery:

TIM BOLT is a St. Louis native whose watercolors of iconic St. Louis landmarks will bring a smile to your face as well as trigger memories of summer days in St. Louis!  Ted Drewes anyone?

watercolor, St. Louis, Timothy Bolt, Tim Bolt, Delmar Loop, Loop, St. Louis Landmarks

Art Museum by Tim Bolt



Watercolor, Tim Bolt, Ted Drewes, St. Louis landmarks, Delmar Loop, Delmar, Loop, art

Ted Drewes by Tim Bolt


KAREN ANN JONES is a talented artist living in the Warehouse District downtown.  Karen’s drawings of iconic female singers Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday will leave you humming your favorite song.  Karen’s talented renditions of these great ladies needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate her eye for detail.

Ella Fitzgerald, Karen Ann Jones, Drawing, Chalk, Delmar Loop, Loop

Ella Fitzgerald by Karen Ann Jones







Billie Holiday, Karen Ann Jones, Drawing, Sketch, Chalk, Delmar Loop, Delmar

Billie Holiday by Karen Ann Jones


We look forward to seeing you in the gallery!