Memorial Day typically marks the end of school and the beginning of summer – unless you had a long snow filled winter!  I feel the pain of every little kid who has to go back to school next week – it’s the worst!

But the weekend is here and the Delmar Loop is kicking off summer in high style:

  • Mannequins on the Loop are installed in 9 locations along Delmar, including the gorgeous and over the top gold lady installed in front of Serendipity Gallery, courtesy of local artist Zack Smithey;
  • The Moonrise Hotel/Eclipse are continuing the Stl250 celebration with an event Saturday evening featuring 6 themed cocktail rooms;
  • The Tivoli Theatre is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary with a showing of the classic “Meet Me in St. Louis” on Sunday; and
  • Serendipity Gallery welcomes new artist Barb Rand and her spectacular jewelry pieces.

Memorial Day is also a day to remember our fallen soldiers and loved ones who aren’t with us any more.  We send our thanks and love out to the families of fallen soldiers and remember our own family members and friends who aren’t here to share the backyard barbeques with us this year.

Enjoy and be safe!

Lisa Anne

Tivoli and Moonrise - M. Usher; Mannequin - M. Alsup; Forest Park - N. Brown

Tivoli and Moonrise – M. Usher; Mannequin – M. Alsup; Forest Park – N. Brown




Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all you Mom’s out there!  I’m sending love out to my 91 year old grandmother Virginia, who instilled a love of art in us by making art galleries and art projects part of our annual summer adventures.  She was always painting, doing needle work, or some other art project.  I have one of her watercolors hanging in my office.  Big Hug and Kiss Grandma!  To Mom – I miss you!

We have a lot of fun planned for this summer.  Next up is the installation of Mannequins on the Loop, which takes place next Saturday, May 17.  The event, in its 6th season, is sponsored by Figure8Designs.   Local artists and design teams will be decorating half/full body mannequins for outdoor display – following a community theme.  All the mannequins should be in place at various locations throughout the Loop by 6 pm that evening.

Serendipity Gallery is very excited to have Zack Smithey designing our mannequin, which will be installed in front of the gallery.  We look forward to sharing his art with everyone.

We are also excited to welcome some new artists to the gallery for the Spring/Summer season including Tricia Coyle, Richard Gordon, Mary Nasser, Naomi Silver and Mark Witzling.

Please join us for a beverage on Saturday, May 17 from 6 to 8:30 to celebrate the installation of Zack’s mannequin and to meet Zack and a few of our new artists.

Until then, have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Lisa Anne

Left to Right - Richard Gordon, Tricia Coyle, Naomi Silver, Mary Nasser, Zack Smithey

Left to Right – Richard Gordon, Tricia Coyle, Naomi Silver, Mary Nasser, Zack Smithey

Mark Witzling

Mark Witzling

Congratulations to all women owned businesses on this May 1st.

We are very happy to be one of your number and salute all of you for your hard work and commitment to doing it your way.  We also congratulate you on making your dreams come true.

We’ve been highlighting our female artists over the last few weeks – so much talent – and encourage all of you to celebrate today with a purchase from a woman owned business in your area.  Owner Rose Hagan has some amazing work in the gallery.

Glass, Jewelry and Painting by Rose Hagan

Glass, Jewelry and Painting by Rose Hagan