Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Serendipity Family enjoyed a group night out at El Monstero last night.  It was my first time and now I know what I’ve been missing by not participating in this annual St. Louis holiday tradition.

Traditions are important – they help us remember happy times, celebrate our family and friends, and give us something to look forward to all year long.  For those like me who have lost one or both parents, the traditions we celebrate keep their memories alive.  At the heart, the holiday season is about kindness, love and celebration.  Even when we aren’t literally home for Christmas, it’s easy to reach out on social media or that old fashioned contraption called a Telephone and hear their voices.  Nothing better in the whole world then hearing my 92 year old Grandma say “Hi Sugar”  (almost as good as one of her hugs).

So pass on a cup of good cheer, a warm hug, or an unexpected kindness to someone you’ve never met – keep traditions alive or start a new one.

We will close today at 2:00 and reopen on Friday at 11 am, so that we can all celebrate with our families.

Wishing you all joy, fun and lots of cookies!

Serendipity Gallery