The key to surviving and enjoying the season  is to embrace the concept of “Holiday Multi-tasking“.”Holiday Multi-tasking” is the combination of one or more necessary activities of the holidays with some elements of fun, thereby avoiding becoming a Grinch, scrooge or hum-bug.

Our Wednesday evening reception provides a perfect opportunity for you to embrace Holiday Multi-tasking.  From 6 – 8 pm we are hosting a reception for  Artomat® creator Clark Whittington, to introduce you to the newest addition to the gallery – Artie the Artomat®.   Becoming a Holiday Multi-tasker is  as easy as 1-2-3-4:

(1)    Enjoy some  pop culture – Clark will tell us how he came up with this concept and for $5.53 you can kerplunk your way to owning a piece of original art

(2)   Support Lung Cancer Connection during Lung Cancer Awareness month – a portion of the proceeds from the evening (including silent auction items donated by Neil Brown, Rose Hagan and Sharmon Zielnski)  benefit LCC

(3)   Make headway on your holiday shopping list  – we have hostess gifts, handcrafted ornaments for your annual ornament exchange party, and that perfect gift for someone special on your list

(4)   Savor a chance to catch up with new and old friends while enjoying a  beverage and light appetizers

We look forward to assisting you in mastering Holiday Multi-tasking.

Lisa Anne

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