What a beautiful day in the Loop, as we get ready to welcome folks for Parents’ weekend at Washington University.

There is plenty of energy in the air.  The Pageant  has finally announced dates for El Monstero, the RAC exhibition “Origins – Natural Selections” begins on Friday, and, of course, the Cardinals play in Game 1 of the World Series tonight in Boston (you had to know I’d find a way to work that in!).

Even more exciting, Serendipity has a new installation of artwork courtesy of multi-talented St. Louis artist Zack Smithey.  Zack’s  acrylic, India ink and charcoal drawings of 5 Cardinal greats have taken up residence in the gallery.  If I had the wall space, they would already be at my house!   I  have included a photograph below, but an in person visit is necessary to get the full effect.  We are also excited to have some unrelated pieces of sculptural work from Zach’s memories collection.

We look forward to sharing these and the works of our other amazing artists with you.

See you soon,

Lisa Anne

A few Cardinal Greats hanging in Serendipity Gallery

A few Cardinal Greats hanging in Serendipity Gallery