Happy Saturday St. Louis!
It’s a beautiful day. We would like to extend a welcome to the Wash U parents and students out enjoying Parents’ Weekend.

This end of the Loop is bustling with activities.   The Moonrise is having its pumpkin carving contest, the RAC is hosting “Origins Natural Selections”,  the Pageant is hosting JJ Grey and Mofro, and our door is open.

Take a stroll along this end of the Loop  as you are out enjoying the day.

See You Soon – Lisa Anne

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Welcome to the neighborhood!


What a beautiful day in the Loop, as we get ready to welcome folks for Parents’ weekend at Washington University.

There is plenty of energy in the air.  The Pageant  has finally announced dates for El Monstero, the RAC exhibition “Origins – Natural Selections” begins on Friday, and, of course, the Cardinals play in Game 1 of the World Series tonight in Boston (you had to know I’d find a way to work that in!).

Even more exciting, Serendipity has a new installation of artwork courtesy of multi-talented St. Louis artist Zack Smithey.  Zack’s  acrylic, India ink and charcoal drawings of 5 Cardinal greats have taken up residence in the gallery.  If I had the wall space, they would already be at my house!   I  have included a photograph below, but an in person visit is necessary to get the full effect.  We are also excited to have some unrelated pieces of sculptural work from Zach’s memories collection.

We look forward to sharing these and the works of our other amazing artists with you.

See you soon,

Lisa Anne

A few Cardinal Greats hanging in Serendipity Gallery

A few Cardinal Greats hanging in Serendipity Gallery


I’m moving a little slowly today because I joined over 40,000 of my closest friends to be at last night’s amazing baseball game.   Our congratulations go out to the Cardinals as they compete for their 12th World Series Title.  Special congrats to Carlos Beltran who will be representing Cardinal Nation in his first World Series.  Red October is going to be very exciting!

If you are feeling nostalgic, stop in and see our black and white photos and paintings of Old Busch Stadium.  One our artists, Jeane Vogel, has made earrings featuring the stadium.  Any of these tributes to the Cardinals would make great gifts for you or your favorite Cardinal fan.

Serendipity is also celebrating a milestone – we’ve been in business almost a month!  We love being in the Loop and are slowly becoming a part of this vibrant art community.  This week we were fortunate to participate in the gallery walk sponsored by Friends of Dard Hunter – it allowed us to meet some very talented paper artists and hear more about the organization.  These artist do some absolutely amazing things with paper.

It is a beautiful weekend to take a stroll through the Loop.  Stop by and say “Hi”!

Lisa Anne


Cardinals celebrate 12th trip to the World Series

Cardinals celebrate 12th trip to the World Series


Celebrating  Red October 2013

Celebrating Red October 2013




Happy Saturday everyone!

Last night I experienced what is practically a ritual in St. Louis – hanging out with my friends at Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals play in a post-season game.  As I watched the pre-game festivities it struck me just how lucky I am to be in St. Louis.  I get to enjoy a great fall night, watching my team and Cardinal Nation share our joy and pride with the rest of the country.  As the Clydesdales rounded the field for the second time, my excitement was just as great as the little kids in the crowd.  The standing room only crowd was on entirely on its feet, cheering and waving.  How cool is that!!

I am so excited we won last night and again today, but this year is bitter sweet for me.  You see, it is the first time since I moved to St. Louis that Stan the Man wasn’t on the field to participate in the pre-game ceremonies or to whip out his harmonica for “Take me out to the Ball Game”.   He would have been so proud last night and today.  As the Cards move on to LA next week (and hopefully beyond), let’s remember his legacy of sportsmanship and kindness – and play it forward in our every day lives.


Lisa Anne

Clydesdales 2

October 11 - Rally Towels Flying at Busch

Hello St. Louis.

What a great Friday!  Fall is in the air and the St. Louis Cardinals are in the playoffs.

This time of year makes me re-evaluate my closet and jewelry box.  This annual process is propelled by the mailbox full of catalogs that arrive daily – my mail carrier is already piling them on the porch!   But I have a better idea than late night catalog shopping.  I suggest enjoying the fine weather and taking a stroll through the Loop where there are plenty of fall fashions to see.

Serendipity Gallery is happy to introduce you to have some “designers” you may not have seen before.  One fall trend is stacking bracelets – we have a wide variety by St. Louis area jeweler Sharmon Zielnsky. Sharmon’s bracelets include double and triple wraps, cuffs, and twists made of leather (US or European made), an assortment of vegan (rubber) options, and even a few options for the gentlemen.  Something for everyone – plus you can admire the stands I made and check out the rest of our selection.

We hope to see you soon – here or at a Cardinal game!

Lisa Anne

Leather and Vegan Bracelets for men and women by Sharmon Zielnski

Leather and Vegan Bracelets for men and women by Sharmon Zielnski