Happy 1 week anniversary to us!!

What a difference a week makes! This time last week we were an hour into the opening – people were shoulder to shoulder with art, food and wine.  Such happy sounds, it spilled out into the street for a bit!  The sounds mixed nicely with the butterfly band that was playing in my stomach.  Was such a blast for us.  The butterflies have settled a bit – but I still get a flutter every time we match someone up with a piece of art from the Gallery.  I hope that feeling never goes away.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at photos friends, families and artists have shared with us over the last week – thank you all so much!  There are so many photos, I can’t post them all so I selected a special photo montage by a friend of Rose’s – really creative and reflects the mood of the evening.  Enjoy!

If you haven’t made it in yet – the Loop will be hopping tomorrow afternoon with “Style in the Loop”.   Stop by and say “Hi” – the space itself is a work of art (if I do say so myself).  We’d love to see you.


Lisa Anne

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Montage of photos from opening night

Montage of photos from opening night