Hello Everyone!

This has been a very busy week at 6161 Delmar!  We have lights, signs,  beautiful custom displays, clean windows, art work, and most importantly, our  occupancy permit has been approved!!!  The progress is amazing and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Tomorrow my crew and I will be cleaning off the construction dust and getting ready for next weekend.

Stay tuned for some photos of our space – but for now, ponder on these really cool industrial whisks we picked up at Found in Kirkwood.  More photos to follow – so stay tuned.  Better yet, stop by our Grand Opening next Saturday, September 21.  Reception from 6 to 8!

Lisa Anne

3 guesses as to what we've done with these industrial baker's whisks

3 guesses as to what we’ve done with these industrial baker’s whisks